– Technical Support

By providing comprehensive technical support, Darktools is committed to ensuring a seamless customer experience, offering assistance to ensure customers select the right product(s) and providing all necessary technical support from purchase to installation.
  • Product Expertise
  • Installation Assistance
  • Product Training
  • Warranty Support


– Lighting Calculations

Providing a range of comprehensive lighting calculation services, our focus is on ensuring that the products we offer meet our customers’ expectations for their projects. Through meticulous calculations, we guarantee that the solutions we supply deliver the desired lighting output. Our commitment is to assist customers in selecting products that precisely meet their project requirements, ensuring satisfaction from selection to supply.

  • Photometric Calculations
  • UGR (Unified Glare Rating)
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • 3D Modeling


– Specification Services

Assisting architects and designers, we guide in selecting the optimal lighting tools for each project. Enhancing spaces involves thoughtfully integrating lighting solutions into the fabric of interior design and architectural concepts. Our expertise ensures precise product specifications, tailored to the unique needs of each project.

  • Comprehensive Site Assessment
  • Lighting Design
  • Visual Models and Renderings
  • Budget forcast


– Selection Software

In partnership with a technology company, we have developed software to simplify the product selection process for professionals who need to choose lighting fixtures for their projects. This software is a true “game-changer” in our field.

  • Interactive Catalogs
  • Easy drag 
  • Project “sheet”
  • Project Collaboration portal